13 June 2009

Welcome P1 W1MAX

Today baru jek register for W1MAX. So far so good (After using for 2 hours). Hehe. I've terminated my Streamyx account. the streamyx line was so bad lately. Just imagine, take up to 15mins just to reload a Yahoo page. What the heck!
I've upgrade to 1.0 Mbps, hope there's a change in the speed. But there are no slightly change. Still the same.
So it's the time for the change. Wohoo... So many things i need to do on the net. Just another 2 weeks more left before new semester were open. Uwaa... Hope I can finish it b4 july. Huhu..
TM, better using a fibre optic rather than copper in transmitting the data. So it'll increase and speed up the speed of the net.


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